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Clearing some room in the effects dept.
Paypal only - $8.50 shipping flat rate to anywhere in the 48.
No international shipping...lower 48 only.

Morley Little Alligator $30.00 - this one has the grip-tape on the pedal, rather than the grooved plastic overlay

Morley Bad Horsie II $55.00

Boss NS-2 $60.00
Boss EH-2 $60.00 - Enhancer--very cool pedal, discontinued..similar to BBE Sonic Stomp but a much better sound.
Boss CS-3 $50.00
Boss DD-6 $85.00
Boss SD-1 $25.00
Boss FS-5L footswitch $20.00

Custom built carpeted 2-tier pedalboard.
16" x 48" Fits into a 72 key keyboard case wonderfully for transport. I've got a soft-side 72 key gigbag I'll throw in.

$50.00- Photo of the pedalboard and most of the pedals here:

Buy the whole pedal lot & I'll throw in the pedalboard & gigbag for free.

All of these pedals are in "very good" to excellent shape cosmetically and all are 100% functionally perfect, zero issues.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
Not open for further replies.