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This is a brief overview of some switch toppers for pedals... with a short video showing various styles from plastic to oak/aluminum:

Switch toppers are neat little additions to any pedal you cherish and have pride. There are three reasons why you may want to include these on your pedals.

First, they improve function by way of increasing accuracy. Simply put, they provide a larger target to stomp. Most switches are only 8-10mm in diameter, whereas toppers typically range from 22-28mm in diameter, thereby making it easier to 'find your target' and land on it.

Second, switch toppers improve comfort, at least for home players who are barefoot or in socks. Less expensive toppers have a flat top, whereas the more expensive brands have a rounded or domed top. Regardless of a topper being flat or rounded, the larger surface area makes it easier (less pressure sensitive) on the bottom of the feet.

Third, switch toppers look cool, adding to the appearance and prestige of a pedal. You can apply a color that is a stark contrast, such as a dark blue topper on a white or yellow pedal, or a complementary color, such as a shade of red on a red pedal. There are so many combinations to add some pizzazz to any pedal, and some switch topper companies even offer custom orders to best match a color or style.
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