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Peterson StroboSoft!

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Frickin' sweet!


Peterson Announces Software-Based Strobe Tuner

June 10, 2005
Peterson has now expanded its strobe tuning technology once again by packaging it into a software-based tuner called StroboSoft. StroboSoft utilizes the same patented and trademarked Virtual Strobe display concept that sets the Peterson VS series hardware tuners apart, but leverages the power of the computer and its display

StroboSoft provides the same 1/10 cent accuracy as the rest of the Peterson line and is the exclusive software tuner incorporating the Buzz Feiten Tuning System for open and intonation settings. StroboSoft functions as a normal chromatic tuner with its acclaimed strobe readout, adds an exclusive "Instrument Mode", and incorporates an innovative "Intonation Function".
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edit - review link

StroboSoft Pricing:

* Deluxe Version $79.99; Includes Peterson Sweetened tunings, exclusive Buzz Feiten open string and intonation settings, full Sweetener and temperament package with unlimited user preset locations, user interchangeable tuning presets, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, MIDI note number output. Accuracy: 0.1 cent.
* Standard Version $49.99; Features fully adjustable controls, several preset temperaments. Accuracy: 0.1 cent.
Into the hole in the middle of the CD-Rom, silly. Then you spin the CD and it watch for eliptical patterns in the reflections.
I am really interested in this. I'd like to see some user reviews first though.
it's great stuff. i'll have a review up in the next days or so... i've been using the software since late last week. FYI - jemsite will be an affiliate store so any purchases thru the banner/link will support the site... all the details w/ the review :) ...glen
How does the software version compare to the hardware Peterson tuners? Does one have more features than the other, or are they basically the same? It seems like the hardware version would be somewhat more convenient to use, but probably not worth another $170 ... particularly if the software can do everything the hardware can and more.
My experience with Peterson hardware tuners goes back several years so i can't comment with 100% accuracy on their current feature set. Typically these are items only found on "guitar tech" workbenches, never players as their cost is high and they take up alot of space. That has now changed.

I don't see what more you would want/need that the software lacks. If anything the software adds alot of extras and ease-of-use. At 1/3 the cost. The drawback is the prerequisite of a computer and unless you have a notebook/laptop (who doesn't nowadays?) it's less portable

If you have a PC nearby, Strobosoft is the way to go vs the hardware. If you're a travelling tech you no doubt already own a hardware strobo-tuner from Peterson. :)

See my review here if you missed it on the frontpage

... glen
Thanks for the heads-up, Glen. This is an interesting looking product.
I was going to buy a StroboStomp, but now that the software option is available, i might get StroboSoft for when i'm doing my setups, and keep my Boss TU-2 in my rig for tuning live.
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