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Item for sale:
Mint condition (viewed twice, not in it's entirety) John Petrucci Rock Discipline DVD with Book (also mint, not a crease in any pages). And a Paul Gilbert Intense Rock VHS. This is an original and I didn't get a book with it, though I bought it new from the store I work in. I'm not sure if it came with a book, because I didn't recieve one, but the tab flashes up on the screen with every lick shown. It is also in mint condition.

Description & Condition: These are both in MINT, EXCELLENT condition.

Asking Price: I'm asking $25 for Each, plus actual shipping costs. If you want both, I'll cover the shipping.

My Location:Brooklyn, New York

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I don't have a pay pal account, so a money order will be best.

Other Information:
My computer is current being reformatted and worked on by a friend, so if I'm slow to respond, please forgive me, I'll def get back to you ASAP. Please don't message me, because I almost never check my jemsite PM's, if intrested just shoot me an email to

[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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