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Petrucci JP4

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I have a chance to pick one of these up but there is some driving involved. Can someone tell me about the neck profile? Similar to a W1 or W2? Somewhere in between? I have a premium 25th Anniversary and that has the Jem profile. If it is like that or the W1 I am interested. But anything like the W2 and I will pass. Thanks!!!!
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800 bucks but the top corner edge where your forearm would lay over but on the backside has some pretty good gouging.
Get it for that price. You could get it touched up for a couple hundred bucks if it bothers you.
Yeah I think I will. I spoke with a buddy who refinished another one of my guitars and he said he could repair, repaint the back (Damage only on flat black part) then clear the whole thing including front since I am not a fan of the flat camo look. I think clearing it all will make it pop much more. I know this was the JP least favorite look. All fro 150 to 200 bucks. But I am concerned about ruining the value a bit.
You'll only ruin the value if you clear it I would think. I don't like flat finishes either.
Agree but I just think it would look a ton better. I will have to think on that on a bit.
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