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Petrucci Magazine DVD's

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Well, if that made any sense...I know that he's got some DVD lessons that aren't Rock Discipline going around, I was wondering if anyone knew where? I believe there's a few, one with his solo material on it and one with Octavarium tunes. Can anyone help pinpoint these lessons? Thanks! Links, files or just names will work fine. Thanks again.
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He's had a few DVD's in the Japanese magazine, Young Guitar. I always see them being sold on e-bay.
Yeah, Young Guitar is the place to look. He is in that magazine very regularly, giving lessons on the DVD's. The only problem with the magazine, obviously, is that the text within it is completely Japanese. But luckily the DVD that comes with it works fine and is perfectly understandable.

Its a really good magazine actually, and its a shame theres not more of them floating around. I have 3 issues, and the DVD content of them all is great!

Yngwie is in it regularly, along with Paul Gilbert, Alexi Laiho. They seem to be the regulars.
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