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PGM 10th Anniversary Christmas Delivery!

So I got home from church early Christmas afternoon to find a tag on my front door that delivery was attempted on a package and I wasn't home. I scratched my head for 2 reasons:

#1 The package shipped from ASIA 48 hours before!

#2 Christmas! USPS tried delivering on Christmas morning!

Well anyways, I was leaving for an anniversary getaway that night and not coming back until Tuesday afternoon. This is the only time I was bummed that a package came earlier than it was supposed to.

I get home at 6:15 PM Tuesday evening. In the back of my mind as I unloading the car I'm thinking nah, the P.O. is closed already, I'll pick it up tomorrow. The little voice keeps nagging me so I hop in my car at 6:34 PM and head to the P.O.

I park in front and see someone leave thru the front door and my face lights up. I get out and try the door but, it's locked :cry: BUT, before giving up, :idea: I try another door and voila :) open sesame. I go to the teller guy and tell him that I hope it's not too late to pick up a package as I'm looking thru the glass and see what can only be MY package and point it out and say actually I think it's that one! He goes sure and checks and says you're right. He lugs it over and asks if it's a guitar? And I said yes, a special Ibanez. He goes good guitar and asked if I heard of the 2 different versions of the Eric Clapton models--smoking and non smoking :confused: which I hadn't and explains the story to me and I'm thinking cool this guy is into guitars but, GIVE ME MY GUITAR ALREADY :!:

I throw the box in the back of my car and zoom home. Put it in my dining room against the wall and forget about it. :cool:

You see I have no clue what kind of climate it's been kept over the past 2 & 1/2 days so I left it to acclimate itself to my house until the next morning. How many of you could have did that know this was what for you?

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