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PGM Question

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I'm looking at a 1998 PGM 30 over the net. Do they have Ibanez or Dimarzio pickups?

Is this model any good?

How about the TRS II trem, any good, if not could I replace it with an edge?
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The trem is not great, but some people have no troubles with it. No direct replacement with an Edge trem. The pups are IBZ.

If possible, look for the 2003+ PGM30. It has the Prestige neck and Edge Pro trem.
i thought that they were tonezones or xd2s or whatever theyr called
Not on the PGM30 they aren't. PGM30s have always come with Ibanez pickups.
Ive got a Korean PGM30 with the trs2 and for the most part its OK. The neck on the guitar is amazing, but the trem imo isnt very good. Its not as responsive as the edge pro on my jem, or the lopro on my UV. The pickups too are very weak especially the center, its almost useless. I pretty much have given the guitar to my roomate cause it kinda sucks compared to my other guitars. It looks cool, and has one of the nicest profiles I have ever felt on a neck, but if your going to pay over $300 dont get it. Get a RG570 and mod it up a bit. I picked up a 570 for $280 two months ago, I sanded the neck finish, dropped an edge pro (filed the inside trem walls for fit) and it plays just as good as my dbk.
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