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PGM200 tone...

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Hello! I’m a proud owner of a PGM200. I really love the guitar. The thing that I find unusual is the tone. It definitely sounds totally different than my other Ibanez guitars. I would say it sounds more high toned, by far.

Anyone else familiar with this? Didn’t know if this was normal for the Gilbert guitars or not.
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What are your other Ibanez guitars? The PGM200 has three PAFs, right? Those are lower output than many other Ibanez guitars. They probably have more midrange than say, the Jem. I love the PAF-like pickups in the Satriani guitars and my PGM900.
I've got a PGM 100 which has the same hardware / scale length etc as your guitar. But it's got a Jem single in the middle. Mine sounds very similar to my Jem 77FP (same pickup config - PAFs).
Feels very different though due to the neck profile.

I've never tried a PGM 200. I guess if the sound is unique it might be the triple humbucker configuration that gives it combinations in position 2 / 3 / 4 that you would get from something like a Paf loaded Jem.

I guess it also has the advantage that you don't get the volume drop off that you get on jems / PGM100 when you switch from the humbucker to single coil positions.
The pgm model doesn’t have a tone knob, obviously, so I can’t adjust it that way. I figured using the bridge pickup would be similar as my other Ibanez guitars. I would say the JEM tone is in the middle of JS models and the PGM200. Maybe I thought it would be more like an RG.

I haven’t opened the guitar up, but I may see if there are any capacitors in there loosing their spec.
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