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PGM30 + DiMarzio + An idiot

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So i bought a Dimarzio Evo and Dimarzio Paf pro for my PGM 30. 'Cept I'm new to wirings. But I am sorta learning.. like the one thing that confuses me is that stock ibanez have 3 wires while dimarzio has 5 (but the green and gray is together and so is the black and white). And i want to fix this fast cause i got a guitar wit a pickup hangin out and the whole back end open.. oh also.. the grey wire on the original pickup is hooked to the pickup selector while on the ibanez diagram the green and grey is wired to the volume pot. so which way?!

My PGM wiring

Dimarzio wiring:

Ps. Anything else do i need to know before i change it.. like uh pickup height? or something else that i might think is irrelevant when it's not?
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since pickup's can't kill you there is no uniform color code for what wires do what (like in a house wiring diagram). So basiclly the black wire on your stock pickups could be ground, the Dimarzio black wire could be the hot wire and the Seymour Duncan black wire could be neutral. So basically what I'm saying is don't follow your old wiring scheme by the colors because they aren't the same.
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