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I have what I think is an RG360DX with the Powersound pickups. I have a pretty sketchy understanding of electronics but it seems to me these are rubbish and worth replacing.

Thing is I'm not much of a shredder and *think* I need things with lower output, and possibly even single coil as I am a fan of clean Tele neck pickup type sound.

So, I was thinking of swapping out the humbuckers for a brace of Artec/GFS humbucker-sized P90s. How do you wire these up, assuming they are 2-core and the HBs 4-core?

In a similar vein I was also debating about a full set of Strat pickups and get a couple of those pickup mount adapters. Then the middle SC would be more balanced (presumably).

Then I wondered if there were other issues I knew nothing about like pots and things that would render the whole thing unusable and in fact I should just get some PAF type devices instead, as it would be less of a bodge and sound better than currently, even if not exactly what I want.

It's not worth throwing much money at this guitar, but I'm sure it can be improved relatively cheaply.

All thoughts welcome!

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