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Pickups: INF or PSND which is better

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I see that the 2005 'S' series have now got the IBZ INF pickups, the 2004 & older had the PSND pickups....which is the better? or maybe neither....I know, both would need an upgrade for the hearing impaired.
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The Infinity pickups are a lot better than the powersound pickups. The powersound pickups had horrible string clarity and were generally just muddy and fuzzy. The Infinity pickups are very decent stock pickups. They have a nice overall sound quality, albeit they sound a bit trebly in basswood but very nice in mahogany. You'll still probably want to upgrade them eventually, but you won't feel rushed to do so.

The INF pickups that came in my RG370DX weren't bad but I thought the clean tones were a bit lacking. But on the RG321 the clean tones are sweet. I'm not sure if it's just the difference between basswood and mahogany, if it's the fact that I'm comparing an H-S-H pickup config to an H-H config on a 5 way switch, or if it's a combination of the two.
lyconxero: thanks for the info....I have a 2005 S470 ordered, be here in a couple of days, I will tryout the pickups for a while and go from there...the one I played for a couple of days had the Power Sound pickps, did not sound bad....
I agree the INF pickups (at least the humbuckers) don't sound too bad at all for a stock pickup. Much better than the powersound ones.
I REALLY like inf pickups. I found them to have a very sweet clean sound and not bad distortion sound. If I had another guitar with them I wouldn't swap them out at all.
The infinity pickups are definitely much better. The powersound pickups pretty much suck.
Are the INF made by DiMarzio for Ibanez?
rockhead said:
Are the INF made by DiMarzio for Ibanez?
NO they are dimarzio lookalikes though
these are real good for stock pups
the bridge one is like a hotter paf pro
I've tried the INF pickups and the Duncan/Ibanez pickups the other day. The INF pickups aren't that bad, and so are the Duncan/Ibanez. Both of them an improvement over the previous PSNDs.
PSNDs are OK, but as soon as you have the money, swap 'em for an Air Norton and Tone Zone/Steve's Special. It'll improve your guitar ten-fold......I should know, I own one :D
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