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Pickups & Wiring - JEM (DiMarzio)

Pickups & Wiring

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Ibanez JEM Pickups

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The original Ibanez JEM Guitars featured two DiMarzio PAF Pro humbuckers and a JEM single coil pickup. The JEM7VWH brought about a new pickup, designed in conjunction with Steve Vai the DiMarzio Evolution. The Evolution pickups are found in the JEM7VWH, JEM7BSB, JEM10 and JEM555 models only. The JEM single coil pickup is described by DiMarzio technicians as "a HS-2 in single coil mode, with better hum cancellation". The JEM single coil pickup can be purchased from Ibanez, whereas DiMarzio pickups can be purchased from DiMarzio direct or from local guitar shops.
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