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Pickups & Wiring - Universe (DiMarzio)

Pickups & Wiring

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Ibanez Universe Pickups

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The Ibanez Universe shipped with DiMarzio Blaze-II pickups. These were custom 7-string pickups designed for the Universe. These are found on every Universe. Note the RG-7s feature different pickups.

Blaze-II Single Coil (Middle) Pickups

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Shown above is the original style DiMarzio Blaze-II Single Coil pickup. These are found in most of the original 1990 Universe guitars. Notice the capped (silver) pole pieces that are nonadjustable.
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Shown above is the Blaze-II Single Coil pickup as manufactured around 1991. Note it had adjustable pole pieces by use of a standard allen wrench. These polepieces are black.
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