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Thanks gents -

I must say, the fixed bridge JS guitars are some of the best I've played. And to the dude who asked, yes, I have and have played some expensive guitars. Does that bother you? I dont consider these Ibanez to be expensive, do you?

To me, the JS1600 is the best bang for your buck around. You are not going to find a Les Paul or a Strat or Tele which can cut through the mix like this guitar does. And, to me, I find the current prices reasonable for them.

The JS6 - it doesnt have the same sustain as the JS1600 for some reason, but I will say, the guitar feels and sounds great.

Its really a shame so many JS6's have been victim to sweat and other issues. The body is very porous and is completely unfinished - well, it is sanded......

I am in love with my JS's and I'm not afraid to admit it any longer!

The JS1 was a pickup here on the site. A nice collector here graciously helped me out.

Go play a JS1600 before they are all gone!!!!

Best regards,

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