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Pimples on my Powder Cosmo knobs!

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I just bought a brand new RG1527CB (2004 model, big dots, 3 piece neck).

When I got it it was brand new looking, new in box from my Ibanez dealer here in Peru, south america.

I haven't played it for about 3 weeks since I broke my finger (I got the guitar a month ago).

I keep it in the cardboard "Prestige" box which came with it and wrapped in its white plastic foamy tissue. It even has the stickers over the pickups.

I went to check on the guitar this morning and to my surprise I found that my tone and volume knobs, which are finished in Powder Cosmo (so is the rest of the hardware), had these little dark dots, like pimples on the top part of the dome. I tried cleaning them with a microfiber cloth, and nothing happened.

What is this? How do I remove them? What's wrong?

A friend of mine suggested WD40 or using a little toothpaste. But, I dunno, is this supposed to happen? I haven't even plugged in the guitar!

Oh, and on the frets there is some kind of mud forming on top, what is this?
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Best would be to wipe down the guitar after every playing session with a quality guitar cloth. Cleaning off the sweat from your hands will make those parts look good a lot longer. Its a good habit to get into.
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