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So, I've had this guitar for a while now and am very happy with it :D - smooth player, plenty of timbre options with the switching.

The original scratchplate was broken around the tone pot so it had to go; also pretty 'meh' aesthetically, so in keeping with the 80s origins, some kitsch was due. Ordered a sheet of vintage pearl from Warmoth...

Don't have bandsaw or anything, so it was many hours with a hack saw, files and sandpaper. Not a pro job by any means but you'd have to look close to see. Shielded the underside with copper tape, of course.

New pots: Bourns/EVH volume and CTS tone (both 500k). I like a loose feeling volume so the EVH was just the ticket. The taper of both is much better, originals too linear. Because the original tone was a mini pot, I had to file the body cavity a bit for the CTS to fit. Though the knobs were advertised as fitting American pots, they didn't :evil:, so they had to be drilled out.

Treble bleed mod, new cap, trem springs, stainless steel intonation and nut pad screws as per NGD thread.

And that's it 8). I feel that the stock 1770s are let down aesthetically by the scratchplates, so this is, imo, a nice upgrade.
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