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There it is, the first National Planetshakers Conference (the Planetshakers Evolution) held in Melbourne, Australia.

For those of you who don't know, Planetshakers is a Christian Church in Melbourne, and has been running the Conference (for youth) for roughly a decade. They started with going to Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, then changed to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

This year the Conference layout has "evolved" (hence the name "Planetshakers Evolution"). It is a national conference held in Melbourne only, and is actually two conferences in one (youth and 18+ conferences). I was saddened that from now on the conference will be in Melbourne only, as that means I almost certainly won't be able to go in future (I live in Western Australia), and the same applies for many others around the country.

But despite this one unfortunate fact, the conference still looks like it was amazing. It went from the 13th to the 16th of April (ending today), and they put up videos of each day's highlights. Because this is the last day, the final video isn't yet online, but there are 3 others available.

So here they are:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

And, being Planetshakers, they've wasted no time in preparing their next Conference (Planetshakers 20TEN), despite the 2009 conference ending just a few hours ago. The 20TEN Conference is THREE conferences in one, Youth, 18+ and the addition of KIDS!

http://www.planetshakers.com/20ten/index.php (video is in top right and can be fit to full-screen)

So who here knows about Planetshakers? Anyone been to any of the Conferences or the International Touring Events?
And what did you think of them?
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