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Hi I'm looking to buy a JEM in the UK, pretty much any one will do but preferably a floral or white. Condition is not an issue, I'm looking for as cheap a buy as possible due to university fees, just not a 555! Feel free to email me from US also if there are any good deals around and I'll see if we can sort something out.

So anyone with a bad condition (or good!) JEM that they wana sell off, I'm waitin!

My email is [email protected].


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If you are on an extremely tight budget and want a Jem, you could swallow your pride, suck it up and get a 555. I did the whole of my college jazz degree with a bottom of the range (then) RG360, and going from that to a '94 all black 555 Jem was lovely. 11 years and 24 Jems later, i still have the 555 and it is still a solid and dependable workhorse that never, ever, let me down.
Ditch the snobbery my friend, yes a 555 is a somewhat compromised machine compared to a 7 Jem (mainly in the bridge department), but that does not mean its an unthinkable choice, particularly if the budget means you could only get a basket case 7 Jem. Better a decent 555 than a really shabby Jap Jem, whatever the Jemsnob in all of us tries to tell you!!
Good luck.
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