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Playing Guitar With Small Hands
Written by Curt

Curt of The Rock House blog proves you don't have to have rock star hands to play a mean guitar.

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I see the subject of having small hands and playing guitar come up quite a bit on many message boards and forums. Being the owner of a pair of small hands I have looked for many cures to the age old problem for myself. Luckily there are a couple things that can be done.

Short Scale Guitars

One of the things you could consider is to use a guitar that has a shorter scale. Without getting into any specific brands of guitars almost every major manufacturer of guitars builds a short scale guitar. Simplified this type of guitar has a shorter distance between the nut and the saddle, which also gives you a smaller distance between the frets of the guitar. The shorter the distance on the fretboard the easier it is for them short fingers to reach out and form a chord or play a scale.


The other solution is to practice. Having small hand syndrome, I can assure you that the more you practice the easier it becomes to reach those chords and notes that you have problems with. Practice some exercises that will stretch your finger span out. I usually find that it's the pinky that people have problems with whether they have small or big hands. So find some exercises that will challenge your pinky. A basic blues rhythm like the one below will help you get started.Short scale guitar or not the main thing to keep in mind is to practice. That's what will help the most with all size hands.
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