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Pleasantly surprised w/ AS73TCR!

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Wow, the tag on this guitar was just under $300, and I am pleasantly surprised with how great this thing feels acoustically and plugged in! Now, one has to keep in mind that you get what you pay for, but I have to say that this guitar feels worth much more than they charge! It's a slim hollowbody, the finish on it is pretty beautiful and it sounds great recorded, I haven't tried it just in a band situation yet. My only complaint is the fret markers, I'd prefer something a little flashier but I suppose dots will just have to do! I just thought I'd give a thumbs up for this guitar to have as an Epiphone Dot substitute for some rhythm or dirty tracks for recording, and it put me back in the Ibanez family! Just thought I'd share.
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They truely are great guitars for the money. Welcome back to the family!!
I tried one very briefly, and, although it didn't stand out that much, it was a fine axe. The AF105 I spent more time with, and it blew away everything in its price range, I was very impressed!
You know it's funny, I did a recording with a PRS McCarty Hollowbody and then I did one with the Ibanez and there wasn't a terrible difference! I think of course performance wise and for parts lasting longer and durability (redundant...) the PRS would win, but again, this is one nice little machine! I am glad to be back in the ol' family.
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