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Please Recommend new PU's for my RG.

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I am currently redoing my 1997 Ibanez RG570- currently has stock pickups, wizard neck, edge trem. I am refinishing the guitar, placing a black RG550/JEM pickgaurd, replacing any worn out parts, and lastly swapping out the bridge pickup. This is what I want: a warm, midrangy sound, much like the 498 in my Gibson SG, but with screaming harmonics and improved clarity. The stock Ibanez V8 does not cut it- the sound I am hearing in my head is Van Halen's tone on 1984, with the ability to handle a high saturation amp, yet it cleans up nicely. I play alot of classic hard rock (AC/DC, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen), but I enjoy more modern sounds like Metallica, Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, etc.

Basically what I want: warmth, clarity, sustain, harmonics, and handles clean tones nicely. Versitility.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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Breeds. :) Go for it. The Breed neck and bridge. Warm, clear, excellent harmonics and has acoustic like cleans when split. When in series, you can do jazz. Key word here is versatility... metal to pop to blues to whatever... except extreme metal of course ;)

If you need sound samples, go to http://music.download.com/Shredcows and listen to everything else except Freak Out! (Tonezone/Tonezone) and X2N Showcase. I'm using an Ibanez S520EX (H-H)... expect a slightly brighter tone.
dimarzio super distortion.
so much power and liquid sustain. will never let you down.
i say go with the Breed for what your wanting
If your RG's body is basswood:
-Bridge:Tone Zone/Super Distortion
-Neck:Air Norton
They all have cool mids! :D
So, the breed is seeming like a good choice...most reviews I have read stated that it has great clarity without being shrill, with healthy midrange and good enough lowend- also it is more medium than high output. So this compares nicely with what I am going for- a versatile sound that can get that PAF tone on the old Van Halen albums, but offers hotter output and great harmonics so it will be able to handle more modern higher gain tones. Thanks. Unless the suggestions keep coming, I think I will check it out. Later.
I will research the Tone Zone, Fred, and PAF pro. Thanks for all the great suggestions so far. So all of these suggestions work well with a basswood body? I have heard a lot of suggestions, but I don't know what kind of guitars they are normally used with. For instance, I heard the Super Distortion is high output, not really meant for clean tones, and pronounce high frequencies- doesn't really seem to be what I am looking for. Also, I heard the evo is a hot pickup, with not a lot of midrange (Steve Vai gets a phenomenal tone, but it is not what I am looking for), and very modern sounding. I need a pickup voiced to handle anything from classic rock to modern metal. Bottom line: I love the sound of my Gibson SG, and would like an improved version of that tone in my Ibanez RG. Thanks, and keep it coming.

Here is my setup:

Ibanez RG570 > overdrive pedal > Peavey Classic 30 combo. I use the overdrive pedal to get more gain out of the dirty channel- works very well- I can get all the saturation and sustain I need.

I love these sounds:

Van Halen: 1984
Dio: Holy Diver
Ozzy: The Ultimate Sin
Metallica: Ride the Lightning
AC/DC: Highway to Hell

All of these display clarity, midrange, and good highs withough being shrill, at least to my ears.
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Yes, all three you listed (TZ, Paf Pro, FRED) all work well in basswood. From the list of bands/albums/tones you just put down, I think FRED will do it for you.

TZ is also a great choice, but FRED might be more in the ballpark tonewise from what you described. Happy hunting.
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