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Item for sale: Left handed Mahogany UV body with claw and grip made by Jim Donahue

Description & Condition: there is a hole in the stud cavity, making it so that you can see the stud when its in. But the hole is only visible on the inside of the body, so when its all assembled, its not noticeable. Mahogany body, with AANJ neck cavity.

Asking Price: 100 US

My Location: Canada

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Paypal, or money order.

Other Information: There is nothing wrong with this body, the only reason im selling is because I am geting a neck for it that is not AANJ ready. So instead of having the neck altered, and ruining it for re sale to a righty if i ever wanted to, im thinking of getting another body built with a standard neck joint. I know there isnt a whole lot of lefties around here, especially ones that have a need for this body, but if there is, then give me a shout. Pics available if anyone is interested (fettouhi? dreaming_neon_black? :wink: ) in acquiring the body.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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