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possible '03 vwh project

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If you wanted to route an '03 vwh for an original Edge trem, would it work? Would the cavity for the springs be too long or anything, or could one of the banners above handle the mod.

Also, if you did route an '03 would you put an Original Edge, or would you put a piezo double edge Lo-Pro on it?

Hardware would all be switched to Powder Cosmo if it was a Original Edge, and it would be regular Cosmo if it was the double edge Lo-Pro.
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I read on here not that long ago (should have bookmarked the post but sadly didn't) that original Edge/LoPro's drop straight into a Edge Pro route and the stud spacing is the same.
I thought that was just on that nice artist LACS that was routed for a Lo-Pro but was finished with an edge-pro.

I don't think you can just swap out bridges on VWH. And even if you could, would the spring cavity be too long?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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