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Pricing on a JS1BSK

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Pricing on a JS1BK


I was wondering how much would be a near MINT JS1BK from 1991.Just won one in ****, and now a guy is tryin´ to change it for another Js10th (he´s asking me 150US$ + the Js1).

I already have a Js10th, but I don´t play it usually, just in special occasions, and I´d like to have a player one, that´s why I bought the Js1BSK (pretty much like the Satch´s axes, same wood, same pickups, same bridge...)

Js1BK are said to be the "nearest" guitar to the ones that Satch plays, and the JS1BK seems to be very sought after (this one is from the first Js1BK)...is that right?.

Anyway...I paid 1500US$ (shipping to Spain included) for the JS1, do you think it´s a fair price??

And...how much would you preffer a Js1 than a Js10th??? (I don´t have the Js1 yet, so I can´t compare, but I must decide soon.)

It´s OK 1500+the JS1BK for the Js10th?? I don´t think so, this Js1BK was sold in E*** for 1999US$ a few months ago, so I think 1500 it´s a bargain for it.

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Seriously, 1500$ for a JS1 seems a little high, although they're great guitars. You could get a new JS1200 for less.

Does the other guy want the guitar +150$ or +1500$? Do you know him personally or did he just drop you an email? Anyway, I'd never deal with a guy who contacts me after auction ending. It's just too easy to get ripped off that way.
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