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Pro Line neck on an RG?

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I love my PL1770 neck because it's a satin finish and has a bound, 22-fret, ebony fretboard. I'm not so crazy about the 24 frets and rosewood fretboard on my RG560, but I really like the finish and recessed trem. Has anybody tried putting a Pro Line neck on an RG? Will it intonate correctly, or even fit?
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One can make just about anything work. You never know. Maybe everything will line up. Considering that the older square heel RGs(that's what a 560 has)is pretty much extending a start type neck, things may work out.
I say pop off the trem springs on the guitars, ease out the tremolos, loosen the neck bolts and see if the PL will line up with the RG holes, or even fit into the neck pocket. If not, put it all back together. But if it does line up, you will have that area where the 23/24 frets would normally go exposed.

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