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Problem with Ibanez tight-tune tailpiece, probably bent due to tension

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The problem can be seen here :

The tail-piece is bent, most probably due to string tension (althouh the guitar wears 10's since 2012 that I bought it new) , and the ball-ends of the strigs dont fit to go through the holes to be securely locked , as is supposed to be done with those kind of tail-pieces. Therefore I turned the ball-ends 90 degrees and left them aganist the outside opening of their holes, as can be seen in the video. What can I do? Leave it as is? Isn't it dangerous to just rely on the tension to keep them in place? Do I order a new stock Ibanez tight-tune tail piece? Do I straighten out the one I have, somehow? (not fan of this one as it got bent once, it can be bent again). Do I install it front side -> rear, so that the strings now apply tension to the opposite direction, so that in some time (years?) it will get straightened out? Ot just go and buy an after market, a generic tail piece suitable for LP type guitars?
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You are lucky that this is very common piece of hardware. Change it to your like. Since that it is not expensive part be sure to buy something that is good quality.
this is far from common. This is not your typical LP tailpiece found in various offerings. This is stud-stud about 77mm or so, typical LP is 82mm, so .. problem. The part exists in the interwebs, someone can order it.
I prefered to fix it on my own :
see latest comment here :
Ok here it is :
The fix is shown here :
. first try to make it as straight as you can without breaking it (e.g by using your drill press vice), and then use the bottom 3 screws (after removing this irrelevant plastic ibanez gimmick) to really secure (possibly with the help of some epoxy) a nice plate of steel (2mm x 60mm x 15 mm). That way it will live forever. Yes, I see the curve on mine on the last photos, but this is expected. I used my drill press vice to straighten it. (but not completely). Since the fix, no increased clearance, no out of tune. Just have it in mind if you ever need to fix it again.

Just wanted to add that the 3 screws (bolts) used are M3 the exact type that goes to the Ibanez Edge Zero saddles. So those are longer than the 3 chrome-colored stock screws found under the tailpiece to secure the ball-end holder. So, you remove the plastic holder and the screws, keep them some where safe in case you need them again, and drill holes to the steel (or other hard metal) plate to the exact spots and screw the plate using the new M3 bolts. Those M3 bolts have to be longer than the stock screws because of the 2mm thickness of the plate.
WARNING : DO NOT USE IBANEZ BOLTS. Use aftermarket steel bolts that match in size (M3)/length the Ibanez edge zero saddle ones.
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