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ProLine 2550... whats it worth?

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Anyone knows?

Theres one for auction down here, guys asking for an obscene $1300... Its an interesting axe im sure, but i dont know much about it...

Nuno? Have any info besides whats on your site bout the blonde one?
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I've got one and it plays great. The stock pickups were terrible so I replaced them years ago with Duncan Metal Live Wires (H-S-S) and it screams. I never really used the push-button pickup selector as it's faster for me just to swipe at the 5 way switch. Using the buttons you could set up a number of various pickup combinations and if I remember correctly, I believe one of the buttons changed the sound of the humbucker to that of a single coil. As far as what it's worth, I saw one on e-b-a-y many months ago and I think it went for about $450. I paid about $800 when mine was new back in '86 or '87.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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