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Hey, so this is just something I realized a few years ago after living in Japan for a long time that I thought might be interesting, as I think maybe few people realize it.
Ibanez, the way we pronounce it in English, is not pronounced "IbanEz" with a short "e", as in "egg", but actually correctly pronounced with a long e as in "knee".
Here in Japan it is pronounced this way, as it is in the origin of the name which is Spanish. So, it sounds like "IbanKNEEZ".
I have to pronounce it that way in Japan when speaking Japanese, but I still feel weird saying it that way! Haha. I, as most everyone else here I assume, grew up saying it with the short e,
and that is how it sounds the best to my ears, but I just thought it was interesting that it actually isn't correct. "IbanKNEEZ Jem" just sounds freaking weird. lol

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LOL. Unfortunately unlike Apple or Google, the name Ibanez just doesn't have a worldwide pronunciation anymore than the name Jesus does. Over here if you use the Japanese pronunciation you sound like a total dope :)
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