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Alright, right now my Kramer sports the combo of EMG 81/SA/SA (HSS), and I really do not care for the tone of the EMG's at all, I want them switched out for godlike Dimarzio's.

Firstly is it possible to simply switch out actives for passives?

Secondly I need some reccomendations for pups to put in this 1984 beast, In my bridge I was thinking the X2N, cause I play allot of Thrash Metal, would you agree on that? For my middle, I really dont know what to go with, I was thinking FS1? I heard it was preety versitile and gave off a nice bluesy tone, agree? And for my neck, im preety much stuck on a Chopper, I use my Neck for allot of my Leads and Shred stuff, and I heard that works amazing with that, agree?

Any other reccomendations are always welcome

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