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Question for Zoom G2 users?

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I'm interested in buying either G2 or G2.1u. I would use it primarily with speakers (G2 and/or G2.1u) or hooked up to my computer (G2.1u). Interested in how it sounds through speakers or do you use it with an amp?


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Use it both through the computer (I got the G2..not the G2.1u) and through a Marshall 2203 resissue half stack. Sounds great through both, records well (use it to do bass from my 6 string using the pitch shifter) and it sounds excellent through the Marshall. Useless for live situations through because of the limitations of it's patch switching system. If you like the sound of the G2, suggest you look at the G7.1ut or the the G9.2tt
The unit has two settings... one for amps and one for direct. If you use the wrong setting, it'll sound bad, right setting, good. :)
Hey beyblade -
How do you hook up the G2 to the computer?
Output from the G2 straight into the soundcard. I know the G2.1u has a usb for that but I can't see the advantage other than freeing up your soundcard input and taking up a usb port.

Robotek is right. Under the 'Extra EQ/CABI&MIC' setting which is about 1 o'clock on the Module Selector, set Et for running with an amp or Cb for running into a computer/desk.
You'll get much better quality going to your computer via USB than outputting straight to your soundcard unless you have a good soundcard (which most name brand computers don't come stock with because most people would never need it).
Hi -
My soundcard isn't the best so the usb would be the way to go for me.


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