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I just received a js2450 and I have the impression that the nut can be shimmed lower.
Now I was wondering the following 2 things:

1. Does the nut follow the correct neck radius of (9.8 inch?). Or is it a different radius. I know it can be shimmed lower but I wonder about the radius of the nut. So does the nut follow the correct radius?
2. I also noticed the saddles seem to high going to the middle.

I want to setup the guitar as low as it goes but now I noticed that the action capo'd at the 1st fret of the B for example is higher that the higher E (that is with the bridge even... so low E has same height as high E). That leads me to conclude that the saddles are not folowing the radius correctly.

Can I adjust the radius thinking its a 250mm / 9.8 inch radius or is there something else I need to consider?

So RIch or someone else, help is appreciated? I just want the info before I dive into the setup. (BTW Rich I once bought a JS1000-BP from you a decade ago, Belgium)

Thx guys
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