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Hi guys,

I bought a JEM77V BK here in 2014. It's only recently that's I've been looking up its serial number. Nothing fancy at first: Made in '07 July in Japan (F0725282).
Cool. But on the Team J-Craft official price/identification tag that I got with, there is this "00-01" in big bold letter at the back, which also precedes the serial number on the same tag number, which gives 0001F072582.

I've asked on another forum, but they just told me what I already know: "made in '07 July Japan number 25282" ... But what about the 00-01? Anybody knows? Is it nothing? Just me?

Thanks in advance :).

PS : it does not appear with the serial number on the back of the headstock.
PS2: if pics needed I can provide.

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00-01 is the series of that model.
F07, 2007 - 25, 3000 units per months means it was built in the 8th month, beginning in November when new model numbers begin. Built June 2007, 1282 guitar built in June..
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