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Question: RG2770 vs. RG8570

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Besides the headstock of the RG8570 saying J. Custom and coming with Dimarzios and the RG2770 saying Ibanez and coming with IBZ/Dimarzios. What is the difference? The list price is like double and they look Identical. And yes I know the RG8570 were discontinued in 2004, just curious. Thanks in advance.
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RG2770 is a Prestige RG made only for japanese market, so it is quite rare outside Japan (and it's discontinued as well as 8570). RG8570 is J Custom model (as well for japanese market, but only in limited production, and some work on it were done by hand - J Custom models were build to celebrate japanese craftsmanship, in small production numbers and available only in Japan, and somethimes in limited stock outside of Japan). But now, the new JC models are more common and thanks to Ishibashi available for customers outside Japan, so the new JC's are not as rare as the old ones.
IMHO they look same, but JC's have better quality woods, pickups, maybe higher grade maple tops, the workmanship is much better (especially the neck and work on frets), and it's got maple binding on body, neck and headstock. RG2770 has no binding (maybe body, but no neck and headstock).
The J-Customs no longer have maple binding on the neck and headstock.

Looks like the '04 models were the last to have it.:(
Yep, I know. It's a pity. But the RG8570 still does have.
My 2770 has a wood binding on the body. The neck is 3-piece structurally, but they call it 5-pc. for the other two pieces that finish up the headstock.

It's a beautiful instrument.

what other necks could you compare the 2770 with?
straymond said:
what other necks could you compare the 2770 with?
There isn't much out there to compare it with. The wizard neck on my '04 RG2770 actually feels the tiniest bit beefier than the wizard necks on my '91 RG's. It's just about the thinnest, fastest neck I've ever put my hands on, and it's extremely comfortable to me because I have smaller hands.

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