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so heres the scoop pals

i have a Boogie Mark IV medium head

im getting here soon, a furman PL 8 , a BBE 482i sonic maximizer, a behringer tube composer, a rocktron HUSH super C, and a Korg DTR1000 tuner in a road ready 6 space rack

i need to know how to hook it all up lol. i dont mean to be lazy, but i really have no idea where to start.

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wow that sounds pretty close to my setup.. Here is what i have and am getting soon

Guitar -->

peterson strobostomp
ernie ball volume
carl martin boost kick (being shipped)-->

ISP decimator prorackg ch1 (purchasing soon)-->

Mark IV Long Chassis Head

boss dd20 (run mono)
furman pl8 series 2 (obviosuly not in signal chain, but in rack)
bbe 482i ch1
ISP decimator prorackg ch2

as far as your setup.. i'm not quite sure what the behr tube composer is.. and i don't know where you should put your tuner. I've seen on guitargeek.com that many artists put them in various places.. it may not matter. i'd try to keep it as early as possible in your signal chain so that there is the least amount of coloring going into the tuner. the BBE should definitly be in the loop and the rocktron HUSH should most likely be the last thing in your loop. thats a little basic.. play around and find a sound you like. you just need to keep the bbe in the loop.. guitar signal should not be put directly into it (at least that is what the manual says) hope this helped some
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