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16.92 inches, to be exact.

There are necks out there with 18"~20" radii; anything 18+ inches is just about flat, if you ask me. I recently made a new fretboard for my RG7621 and I radiused it at 16". You can't tell the difference between the 430mm radius (again, 16.92") fretboard on my UV777BK from the new fretboard I made for the 7621. The difference in height at the center of the fretboard between the two radii is 0.0024". That's twenty-four ten-thousandths of one inch - I verified this by drawing up my plans for the fretboard in CADD and measured. Ain't much.

The flatter fretboards on Ibanez guitars are very comfortable to me...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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