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Randall RG100SC/G2

This amp is a little over a year old. After I got it I upgraded, so it has barely any use (it's been in my closet for almost a year).

The Musician's Friend price is $487.43 and I am only asking $300 OBO.

2 channels
3 gain modes: Gain 1 - Classic Brit hi-gain; Gain 2 - Modern Randall hi-gain
Clean channel with boost
Voicing switch (distortion channel)
Contour control (distortion channel)
Spring reverb
Effects loop with in and out level controls
4/8 ohm external speaker outs

Musician's Friend doesnt say anything about it having Celestion speakers in it, but mine came brand new with Celestion Seventy-80's!

If you are interested, Email me at [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.