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Randall RH200sc, can jemsiter solve this 1?

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Hello for xmas i recieved my first amp with over 200watt of power. a Randall Rh200 stero chrous head. it was used but it seems like its in gr8 condition. this may sound stupid but i simply cannot get any sound out of this (lol) but its really making me sad. i tried everything but it wont make a sound at all, not even when its unplug orwhatever. there is a lot of werid switches that i have never seen b4 and i messed with a lot of them. doese any1 here own own of these things and have experience to this kinda issue? thx so much in advance.
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Okay, not to sound like a smart-a** , but you do have it plugged into a speaker cabinet, right?
i dont have any cab to go with it, ur telling me the head wont work without cab? = ( on the other hand ur "smart ass" answers is just what im looking for since i think its 1 small thing that is muting the amp. thx.
If it is a head, you have to have a cabinet, a head does not have speakers. If you need a cheap cabinet, try Gravity Music Gear on Federal Blvd, they only sell used stuff.

Omggg u got to be kidding me that i didint know that. heads dont have speakers omggggggg. o well thx much
OMG! No offense and sorry I realize it's your first head and all, but you got a nice chuckle out of me....good luck anyway ;)
Also, don't hook up the head to speakers using a regular guitar cord, you need to use speaker cable.

You can PM me if you have questions, I just live north of Denver.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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