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http://s321.photobucket.com/albums/nn365/dakotaplaysguitar/ PICTURES!

I have up for sale a real John Buscarino NOVA Super Strat. I have an email from John personally asuring me that he made this and i can forward it to anyone seriouly interested in buying/trading for this. Johns Guitars are pretty rare and becoming harder to find. This is an original one from the 80's. The neck is stamped 000012 so i was lead to belive it is #12! A real John Buscarino guitar usually sell on the used market for 2000 and up (look around you'll see) and i am asking 1500 obo OR* Trade. I am open with trades but would most like a Gibson Les Paul or SG but would look at other offers.

THE SPECS!- Alder body, Floyd Rose Trem (Original German), EMG 81's, Rock Maple neck, Bacote Finger Board (like Pao Fero but more dense, its really hard to get) a purple pickgaurd, and the body is DYED Persian Blue.

The guitar has no issues and plays and sounds amazing. The pickgaurd has a crack but it didnt even show up in the pick. It isnt bending it just has a crack, so if it really bothers you, just put anouther pickgaurd on.

You can message me at jemsite or email me at [email protected]

Serious offers only please.
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