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Rare USRG30?

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I have a usrg30 that i believe might be very rare. First off its is a light butterscotch color which i've never seen before, also it has a figured body but a flamed headstock. The third thing that seems unique is the serial number. I've never seen a stamped in serial number on a usrg. the number is usa0706 0015. Please let me know if anyone has any information about this guitar. my email is [email protected] Thanks.
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Yo! Does it have the tension free neck design? I've checked those with figured stocks...I don't think they're unseen really...infact if memory serves in the 94 or 95 catalog they all had matching stocks..
mine is amber color as well .

the serial number is a sticker though . my number is US0795021.

it has a tension free neck, it had a lo-pro but i swapped it with an original edge .

they are nice guitars, i just wish the action could go down a little lower.
What's the fair price for used USRG30?? One of my friend wants to sell me one in Purple Quilted....
THe standard price for a purple usrg is anywhere from 650 to 1000, i've seen the amber ones sell for more. I'm selling this one for 1300. Thanks.

If your trying to get the lo pro down more for lower action your studs are probably down...the low pro has tiny tiny hex screws inside the trem posts that let you lock it in place so it dosn't move becuase of vibration.

This guitar DOESN"T have a matching headstock, the body is figured and the headstock is flamed. thats why i think this is rare, also it appears to have an extended heal.
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