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i am thinking of getting a vintage rat 2 re-issue. i would play it through a fender hot rod deluxe (clean channel), with a mexican tele. would i be able to get both heavy and light distortion? i want a pedal to have coldplayesque light distortion, to radiohead/marsvolta style crunch, at both loud and quiet volumes. this pedal appears to be ideal, but i thought idd check with u guys first to see if you had and ideas on this?
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RAT pedals are f'ing great. I really dig those and a Big Muff is pretty cool too. You can buy a modded RAT pedal from keeley at http://www.robertkeeley.com/
why would i want a mod, are the ordinary ones lame?
The newer rats cheaped on the parts.

I had one. Tried it in the store through a JCM 2000. The distortion sounded hands down better and less fizzy than the distortion on the amp. So I thought it would do nicely and bought it, but it was way too harsh through my Major so I sold it. Maybe if I got it modified it would have done better, I am not sure.

I think I am going to try a Soldano supercharger for the Major.
red5 said:
The newer rats cheaped on the parts.
exactly... cheap parts means more coloration of your acual guitar sound and generally more fuzzy than intended.
cheers guys, in the end ive gone for a big muff instead as i played one and fell in love. the case seems a bit weak but the tone, man i love it!
i dont like big muffs, i prefer them to be nice and clean ;)
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