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RE: Franken-JEM?

Sooooo...... whilst perusing my local GC in Mesa AZ, when I was browsing and I saw hanging on the wall - a Franken-JEM.

Someone swapped out the pups with who knows what with gold covers, put some smaller white plastic round knobs with what looked like gold rubber rings as grips (Maybe?) and took out the Ibanez trem and put in a gold OFR.

Classic GC - $1699.99

I'm a bit of a purist, and for the most part, if I buy something, it already has everything I'm looking for.

I think the JEM7VWH is already pretty refined after all these years, so the mods were'nt working for me.

If the original or new owner are jemsite members - no offense intended, but I'm just searching my mind for reasons.....

Was it truly a genuine JEM? (Trem reminded me of a bad Chibanez)
Was it a salvaged JEM someone cobbled together?
Someone's artistic expression?



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Re: Franken-JEM?

It's probably one of those terrible Chinese fakes and GC got their pants pulled down on a PX deal, it's hanging there as vulgar wall art unless some moron actually makes them an offer in which case they'll have his arm off quicker than you can say "Chapter 11?"
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