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RE: JS1IR Just Arrived!!!!!

I can't say enough about this guitar. The Inferno Red is "Off the Hook"!!!!

I just got it from Rich......... nuff said about that. His reputation is impeccable! Awesome setup and detailing. Guitar is as close to new as you can get for a 1991.

It is a very nice red to begin with, accented by the chrome hardware, but then throw in the hint of very fine metallic/micah and you've got something that is beautiful and unique!!!!

I will try and post some pics, but pictures don't do this guitar any justice.

BTW - Any other IR owners out there? I've heard there were'nt many with this color.

Anyway..... pics coming soon.

Steve C - RI

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Re: JS1IR Just Arrived!!!!!

I've NEVER been able to get even a close shot of that color. The gallery shots of it sure won't do it justice. The IR's are definately scarce, I think that's 3 I've seen for sale in the last 6 years. If I could ever come up with a MINT one it would never leave [but I could say that about a white 1 also LOL].

Thanks Steve ;)
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