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Reairing chips on finish

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Repairing chips on finish


I would like to know is there is a way to fix dent chips on a guitar paint without having to paint the whole guitar all over again. I don't need it to be a perfect match, just a fix. I'm afraid that if I do not fix this, it will continue peeling off through there.

Here are pics of the problem:

This is at the edge of the body. One picture is on top and the other is on the bottom.
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Cheapest way is to go to a hobby shop, buy some paint, humbrol or tamiya in enamel.. cost you a few bucks

get some nice pointy toothpicks, open the cap and just dip the tip of the toothpick into the paint thats in the cap, that way you only get small amounts each time, and just touch up the spots. once the area is filled, let it dry and then re do it and build up a nice thick layer... then you can clear coat it and sand it and polish. But if you dont care, just leave the black to dry and it will be visibly fine and tough...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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