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Help!!! Real or fake Ibanez Universe Swirl


I need help, I found this ibanez universe and i am not sure its real or fake. The seller said universe but there is no monkey grip.

He said the pu is dimarzio dactivator, ibanez universe use dimarzio blaze, i am not sure if he remembers it correctly since its already more than 10 years.

It looks like rg 7620 swirl but i am not sure. The serials indicates its 2003 model.

Please help and give me your opinion. Thanks a lot.


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This is Not a real Ibanez Universe guitar. (The Jems are the ones with the monkey grip)

This guitar is missing the middle pickup, so it has to be some sort of RG 7 string, likely the 7620 that got swirled.
The pickups sticker is coming off on the yellow side of the neck. Likely the inlays and logo are also stickers too.
The swirl is quite terrible and not pleasant. From observation we can see that the swirl was done but it got touched up after ward on the green color and orange/red since you can see the lighter color with the darker color in the center being very diluted paint over. We can also see that the black color edges has been hand painted to give it a sharp edge to the swirl that gives it a hand paint look to it.
As pointed out there is also a different kind of tremolo on it.
Also the background of the images gives you a good idea of where this guitar is currently residing which looks like a tropical area with lots of humidity = corrosion as can be seen on the screws. (I have 2 guitars I had to change the internal hardware due to this corrosion issue from living in very humid tropical place for many years).

I honestly would wait for a better offer to show up. Have patience. It would be wise to take your time and keep looking for a guitar worth getting.

I hope this helps.
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