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Recommend a Delay

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I need a delay for my pedalboard, any recommendations? I want a pretty versatile delay, that can do digital or tape sounding delay.

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i've only heard really good things about the line 6 one. dd-4 or md-4, something like that.
I've heard alot of reliability problems with the Line 6 DL-4s, but they do sound good. The Boss DD-20 is cheaper and just as good, the DD-6 is also good, but the DD-20 is only $20 if you shop around. I've also read some good things about the Digitech X-Series Delay. Another nice pedal is the Visual Sound H20 pedal, chorus and delay in one pedal, both are more basic than the Bosses, Digitechs, and Line 6s but are supposed to sound great, and isn't that the most important part?

the Line 6 Eco Park does really good I think
I've got a DD-20. Much more solid than the Line6, and cheaper. Also, more memory. I don't like that it only has two pedals, the UI on the Line6 is better. But feature wise the DD-20 wins.
I've been thinking about getting the DD-2 or an analog delay. I've been longing after the H&K Replex for a while, but there just too expensive, even used.
H20 sounds beautiful. And there's chorus as well.
Boss DD-5 is what I'm using for now. If you want boutique, check out www.robertkeeley.com for his Ibanez delay!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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