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I know this forum isn't about it but still I think i could help some musicians.
I started a project about helping people with recording stuff like DAWS(pro tools and cubase), how to use them from basics to advanced, about midi, how to record instruments properly, about mixing and getting what you want/need, plugins etc.
My project is about people send me their doubts and I'll make a clip straight to their doubts, showing them the best/most used ways of doing it and some advices. My payment won't be money but gear, we'll make a deal about what gear I could accept. We all have gear around the house so it's better to everybody paying with useless gear than with money.
Why paying if youtube has a lot of tutorial clips?
Well mine will be only about what people asked, I'll give examples and show(DAW) how to make it plus my personal advices and ideas.
I already watched a lot of clips covered with myths and nonsense and the majority had really bad results, one thing is knowing by the book and keep repeating it, the other thing is having field experience and knowing how to do what you want/need to do.

So it's a professional way of helping musicians who are lost among bad recording results for a price of used gear. I've been doing this for about a month and got some really cool used gear from USA, Mexico and London. I hope to "breed" a new bunch of musicians with better recordings cause, obviously what matters is music but a crap recording can be so annoying at the point of smashing any talent people could hear. You don't go to a job interview with ripped clothes. Of course you don't need the best recording sound ever but at least something enjoyable to the listener and made in your own computer.

Anyway I'm here for everyone who want a better recording sound, think about how much you'd pay for a good recording course/classes so my price is almost for free, it's a help and not something that will pay my bills ;)
Just drop me a pm and we'll talk about your doubts.
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