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Refinished RG570 pics

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I was inquiring about refinish my 1991 RG570 guitar in Desert Yellow about a month back, so found an enamel called Sun Yellow. Here are the finished pics. Also, I put Steve Via EVO's in the bridsge and Neck. These are the finished pics and the last is the original color from 1991.

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dig that!

where are you? wanna do a '550 for me??

Actually, I'm just an amateur, but wanted to concentrate on a nice finish this time. I bought a Rustoleum Brand Sun Yellow, and used Lacquer clear coat. The trick is I used the clear coat 101 tutorial thread on this site:


But, I didn't go to the extreme that this guy describes.
Nice, I am going for yellow on the guitar that I am building now (albeit very slowly). Why is yellow so neglected? :)
Wow excellent job, enjoy your new guitar ;).


Sweet! I always thought an RG with sharktooth inlays would look pretty nice in DSY.

Great job!
Thanks guys - I really like it came out, and love the sound of the Evolutions pups/
Nice job! It looks great. Nice guitar too. ;)
Did you use spray cans or a air compressed sprayer? I'm getting ready to do a 570 myself.
Are you sure thats not a RG770?

Here's a shot from the 1991 catalog.
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Yes, sorry to say I used spray cans. KRYLON RUST TOUGH ENAMEL (RTA 9211 Sun Yellow) and DEFT brand Gloss clear Lacquer. Wet or Dry paper (600,800,1000,1500,2000). That's it - But, I like the results.

GEX, it's definitely a RG570. Posted on the back of the neck. However, the year from the serial number is a 1992. I just always called it a 91 since I bought it in late 1991.
and you're sure you don't want to do a refinishing job for a fellow jemsiter??
Wow that does look good, nice job. I to am going to paint my jem project yellow, hope it turns out as good as yours. chef 21
I have to original black dome knobs, but I like the JEM/Numbered knobs better.

I Also just realized I may be dating this guitar wrong. I never can quite remember the year I bought this, thought the serial number F920681 meant it was a '92, but from reading other's numbers, this may be a 1989? My stock pickups didn't have the V7/V8 logos on it.

I'd like to do a JEM project one day, other than the aesthics of the JEM (Monkey grip, claw cavity, vines, etc...) With the Evolution Pickups in my RG570 now, what's the other real differences? I think Steve Vai even put this older Edge trem in his #1 EVO.
Yeah, thats a 1989 man.

If it were 1992, the serial number would read F220681
570's never had the sharkteeth...I'm a little late...but i've had a boatload of 570's in my day...
That's what I'm searching for info on. Actually there's an 1989 RG570 on E-B-A-Y right now with the shark inlays and they say the same thing. I have RG570 stamp on the back of my neck nexy to the serial number.

They must have made some RG570's with Shark inlay since I got one. I do recall it was rare back then.

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It was called the RG570EX

Thanks mi2tom
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