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Regional availability differences

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Why are some models not available in some regions? E.g., it seems the RG2550 isn't generally available in the US, but it is listed in other Ibanez regional sites.

What do US people do, relegated to either an RG1550 or have to pay more for an RG3550 (assuming they're fine with the maple fingerboard)?

BTW, are lineup changes always aligned with years so it's safe to assume a model will remain available at least throughout the year?
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Why are some models not available in some regions? . . . .
Welcome to Jemsite!

You have identified a common complaint among Ibanez fans all over the world. Europeans are mad they can't get guitars available in America. Americans are mad they can't get guitars available in Japan. (Everybody's mad they can't get guitars from the Los Angeles Custom Shop, but I digress.)

I don't know why and I've never heard a good reason. The closest I've come to hearing a good reason is that artificially restricting demand in certain markets generates interest, buzz, talk, and eventually higher demand. Never mind that it annoys and frustrates many people who can't get what they want.

I have never been employed as a marketer (and nothing but), but marketing has been a part or a function of my jobs. I just don't get it.

I was in Paris and passed by a music store window where I saw an Ibanez guitar in a finish that wasn't available in the States. It was gorgeous. You can quote me spreadsheets and surveys and theory all you want, but the bottom line is that ANY guitarist-- be he a Frenchman, an American, a Brazilian, whomever-- would have loved that finish.


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Thanks. :)

If I see a certain model in a local store, is it safe to assume it will remain available until the end of the year (ignoring store stock)?

If the RG2550 stops being available here I don't see any good alternatives.
Is it safe? Well, no, there are many factors that could affect availability. But generally, in my limited experience, if a guitar is going to be discontinued, you can get one until about October of that year. Take that with a grain of salt, I'm not privy to their manufacturing schedule.

If you're interested in the 2550, it appears to be available in Japan this year but not in the USA. Musician's Friend still, as of this post, is listing both colors for $699, a closeout.


I'm not in the US, and the 2550 is available so far (from the only local Ibanez source). They currently call it "on sale", I don't know if it's just marketing or the end of stock. But I'm holding off, waiting for some other gear developments.

BTW, what I have available locally is 2550Z, the model on MF is 2550E. But $700, not bad. On another thread someone ended up getting it for $560 after they missed the delivery date. Not bad at all.
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