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Release the lawyers.....

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No lawyer will take the case, they look nothing like Jems.
Release the lawyers for crimes against guitars!!!

I'm not sure there's any copyright / trademark issues, but damn they ugly!

and, are they actual Ibanez pickguards? The lower horns look identical too!
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Ha ha... It's like a Steinberger and a Jem had a baby. A Jemberger?
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There may be a case for trademark infringement. The name itself includes Vai's name in it, and although the overall shape is unique, there are enough design cues that are definitely made to imply they are related to Vai in some way. I don't know that Ibanez would have a case against them. Pretty sure they can't trademark color combinations (maybe they can, I am no lawyer). The lower horn definitely looks to be a copy, but given the rest of the shape I don't think a court would be willing to say it is a copy. They are definitely trading on Vai's name recognition though. If Steve did not authorize them, I would think it would be easy to prove they are introducing customer confusion. A reasonable person would think these were endorsed by Steve Vai, and since they are actually using his NAME... Maybe Steve DID endorse them, or give tacit approval, although I would think his endorsement deal with Ibanez would prevent him doing something like that.
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